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Since its foundation in 2001, Nanjing Kisen experienced several historical leaps after strategic transition and management integration, and has become an international engineering company with higher fame and influence power.


(1)Leap of Registered Capital

On December 26, 2001, Nanjing Kisen took the chance of national research institute reformation to register a cement technology company with initial capital of 4 million yuan. In April 2004, Nanjing Kisen increased the registered capital to 7.82 million yuan. In April 2006, the registered capital rose to 15.64 million yuan, and on January 8, 2009 to 100 million yuan.


(2)Leap of Employees

When Nanjing Kisen was founded, there were less than 10 employees. With the expansion of company business, employees of design, research and development and management rose to more than 900.


(3)Transitions of Office Space

Nanjing Kisen experienced three ages: Zhujiang Road Age, Binjiang Plaza Age and Industry Zone Age. From December 2001 to November 2004, Nanjing Kisen office was in Zhujiang Road with less than 1000 m2 space. From November 2004 to June 2010, the office was in Binjiang Plaza with 3000 m2 space. Since June 2010, the office moved to the building of own property right in Nanjing International Service Outsourcing Mansion and the office space rose to 20000 m2.


(4)Leap of Business Scope

Since its foundation, Nanjing Kisen experienced historical leap from single to multiple operation. The business scope varies from engineering and equipment supply to cement plant EPC project, pure low temperature waste heat generation design and EPC project, cement plant intelligence and informatization modification, electromechanical equipment installation, mechanical equipment manufacture etc. Until now, Nanjing Kisen has completed more than 40 domestic and overseas cement EPC projects, more than 300 waste heat generation projects and electromechanical equipment installation projects.


(5)Leap of Market Scope

With the growth of the company, Nanjing Kisen explored its market from regional to national, from domestic to international. Besides 27 provinces, cities and autonomous regions in China, it has extended the markets in Southeast Asia, Mideast and East Europe etc.

Since 2003, Nanjing Kisen entered international market and obtained more than 10 contracts of over 5000TPD of EPC, engineering, and equipment supply. In 2006, EP project of Heidelberg Cement Akcansa 6000TPD production line was started in Turkey. In 2008, EPC projects of Taiheiyo Cement Nghi Son 6000TPD production line in Vietnam and Saudi Arabia Al-Jouf 5000TPD production line were started. In recent years, Vietnam Cam Ranh project, Vietnam Phuong Nam project, Philippines Calaca project, Philippines Mabini project, Philippines La-Union project, Malaysia Rawang project, Malaysia Kanthan project, Indonesia Grobogan 6000t/d cement production line EPC project etc. has started and put into production successively.


(6)Leap of Capacity

Nanjing Kisen grasped every key development point of cement industry, from 1300t/d, 2500t/d, 3300t/d, 4000t/d, 5000t/d, 6000t/d to 10000t/d, it upgraded capacity of engineering and engineering construction. From 2008, Nanjing Kisen grasped the opportunity of cement industry engineering construction and relied on scientific and technological advantages to successfully realize the strategic transformation from design institute to engineering company, forming engineering consulting and design, equipment R&D and manufacturing, equipment installation, production and commissioning into a new dry process cement production line with full industrial chain engineering service capabilities.

The company has established a unique R&D, design system and EPC project management system, and established a collaborative innovation mechanism for production, study and research with universities, research institutes and cement-related enterprises, and established mutual trust with upstream and downstream manufacturers such as suppliers and subcontractors. Win the strategic partnership and changed its name to “Nanjing Kisen International Engineering Co., Ltd.” in August 2010.

As low-carbon economy has come, Nanjing Kisen will go with the time, take the scientific development concept as a guide, take the sustainable development path, and endeavor to be a first class international engineering company with great power, good efficiency, high reputation and international competitiveness.