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Feng Jianhua(middle)
Vice General Manager of China Triumph International Engineering Co., Ltd., General Manager of Nanjing Kisen International Engineering Co., Ltd., President of Shanghai Xinjian Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd., President of Nanjing Kisen Cement Electromechanical Equipment Erection Co., Ltd., Professor Senior Engineer, Registered Chemical Engineer.


Li Dongfeng (third from right )
Vice General Manager, Professor Senior Engineer, Registered Mechanical Engineer.


Li Jiandong (second from left )

Consultant, Professor Senior Engineer


Gao Aiguo(first from right)
Vice General Manager, Professor Senior Engineer.


Wu Xiusheng (third from left)
General Manager Assistant, Professor Senior Engineer.


Yang Jinping(second from right)
General Manager Assistant, Senior Engineer.


Li Anping (first from left)
Chief Engineer, Professor Senior Engineer